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Doing business with RPG

How We Work

Contracting Process

At Rasberry Producer Group, we work closely with our primary carriers but we also realize, from time to time, that another carrier may have a stronger niche in the design that you are looking for.  That’s why we have over 50 carriers to help you. 

Sarah, our contracting manager, is ready and willing to help you get things started. Give her a call today! 601-649-2822

If you wish to begin now, please continue to this website, create a login and fill out our one-time only electronic paperwork. 

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Our Primary Carriers

American National 

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Global Atlantic 

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American General 

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How We Can Help

Think of RPG as your back office.  It's important for you to know that we can be an extension of you and your practice.  We thrive on strong relationships. 

Amber Hayes- Senior Vice President

Amber is eager to help you succeed. 

When you need quotes, case design, or product information be sure to utilize her and her skill set. From your basic cases, to your more advanced, and everything in between, she can help! 

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Terry Moffet- Internal Pending 

Terry is ready to help you issue business!

Leave the follow-ups to Terry. Terry has cultivated great relationships with our primary carriers. He is dedicated to ensuring your business gets issued in a timely manner. From submission, to issued paid, he will be there every step of the way. 

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