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Ross  Tew

Ross Tew

Business Manager

After a career ending football injury at East Central Community College, Ross transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi to work as a student coach for the football team.  While at USM, he worked alongside their special teams coach and recruiting coordinator.  Previous to accepting an offer at Rasberry Producer Group, Ross worked as an inside sales representative for a manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment that serviced customers across the globe.  Ross' experience in his athletic and sales careers positions him perfectly to help our agents make the sale and see the case through, from start to finish. 

"I look forward to continuing to build relationships with the many agents that make up the Rasberry Producer Group team for years to come.  While my job title and place of employment might have changed, my career path remains the same.  I love people and am glad to be able to continue to serve others on a daily basis!"

Ross is married to the amazing Laura Gambrell Tew of New Orleans, LA.  May2016, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, Abby Ruth.  Although they are deeply in love with Abby Ruth, their first child will always be their Doberman Pinscher, Gunther.  Also, Ross and Laura were the homeowners from the pilot episode of HGTV's Home Town filmed here in Laurel, MS.

Some trivia about Ross:

I can't live without: my family and friends!

Words to describe me: Loyal, Passionate, Caring

Me in a word: JOLLY!

In tough times, you will find me: hitting the problem head on!

Weird Phobias: clowns!

Favorite foods: a close race between a fresh cut ribeye from the Knight Butcher and a dozen charbroiled oysters from Drago's

Favorite bands or artists: Metallica, George Jones, Owl City (Stop Laughing!)

Currently reading: Winning Plays by Matt Mayberry

Good stuff: Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel Little Theatre and Home Town on HGTV

Favorite Movie: Avatar

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite saying or advice:  Surround yourself with good people and great things will happen!  (my life is living proof of this)