Sarah Tyner

Sarah Tyner

Contracting Manager

Sarah is a mom of two, who graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelors degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

Sarah spent two years after college working for Town and Gown Magazine in Starkville, MS. After the birth of her precious little boy, Cooper in April of 2016, she and her husband decided to move closer to home! She took a job at our local newspaper and was actually our sales rep for RPG. It didn't take long for us to recognize Sarah's strengths and recruit her to be part of our team! Sarah's experience in sales and communications make her the perfect fit for understanding the urgency and the importance of making sure our agents' contracting and licensing are in line.  

Some trivia about Sarah:
I wish I could be more - creative

I can't live without - my two precious boys, Cooper and Cash!

Words people use to describe me - Outgoing and personable

In tough times, you will find me - Staying positive.  I try to always find the silver lining in all situations. 

Weird phobias -Bugs, even dead ones!

Favorite foods - I'm a foodie at heart, so this is a tough one! Anything creole!

Favorite bands or artist - Queen, Elvis Presley, and Boston 

Currently Reading - The current issue of Southern Living

Good stuff - Our dogs Ollie and Beau, Cooper, Cash, and Codey, and spur of the moment road trips filled with great hole-in-the-wall restaurants and local shops and photography. 

Favorite movie - Forrest Gump. I could watch it 100 times, and then some! 

Favorite color - I'm a huge fan of neutral colors, but if I must choose, white. 

Favorite saying or advice - Choose Joy.