Coffee and Conversation- 2021

2021 Coffee and Conversation Recordings and Documents

Jan. 4th- Welcome 2021!

Jan. 5th- A New Look at CAB

Jan. 6th- The Magic of Expense Ratios

Jan. 11th-Updated CAB Road Map Review!

Jan. 12th- Leaving a Legacy

Jan 12th: Special Afternoon Class- Illustration Review

Jan 13th:

Jan 18th: A unique way of paying for your life premiums

Jan 19th: Protection Plan Series: Part 1

Jan. 20th: Why Choose the Protection Plan?

Jan. 25th: Annuity Options with RPG

Jan. 26th: A NEW Prospecting Opportunity with the Protection Plan 

Jan. 27th: 

Feb.1st: Spilt Annuity Design

Feb. 2nd AIG Assured Edge Income Achiever

Feb. 3rd: Retirement Solutions with Income and Accumulation

Feb. 4th: Special Afternoon Webinar: Global Atlantic Illustration Review

Feb. 8th: Social Intel Review

Feb. 9th- Protection Plan Prospecting

Feb. 10th- Term Insurance Sales Ideas

Feb. 12th: Special Session: The Final Puzzle Piece

Feb. 15th: The Protection Plan Booklet

Feb. 16th: Term Inside an IUL

Tax Credits Secure Act Script for Telemarketer

Feb. 17th:Unique Illustrations from this Week

CAB with additional lump sum

2 income streams example (1)

Feb. 22nd: Social Intel with Sam Richter

Feb. 23rd: Drew Fairley with Ameritas!

Feb. 24th: A Review with Danny Rasberry

Feb. 24th: RPG Website Review

March 1st: Global Atlantic

March 2nd: Meet Forethought!

Income Multiplier Case Study

IMO Top Picks

eSC Territory Map7% EDB Case Study

March 3rd: Global Atlantic STOP

S.T.O.P | Global Atlantic Life

Global Contact

Sheldon J. Lamb

eSales Consultant

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Phone: 610-249-0758

Toll Free: 877-454-4777 x0758

Fax: 610-548-5188

March 8th: Revolution Coach

March 9th: A new Idea on Term! 

A New Term Opportunity Script

March 10th: Join the Revolution! Plus a little Social Intel Review! 

March 15th: The Protection Plan Booklet is HERE!!! 

Protection Plan Booklet Check List

March 16th: An RPG Update

March 17th: Gail Goodman: The Phone Coach

March 22nd: Social Security and Retirement with AIG

March 23rd: The Legacy Book

March 24th: The Savings Revolution Bus: First Hand Experienc

March 29th:  How to approach the employer about the need for more life insurance

March 30th:   Learn about AIG's New Lifetime Income Choice and more!

March 31st: Forethought

April 4th: The Magic of IUL 

April 5th: The Magic of IUL Continued

April 6th: RPG Full Carrier List

April 12th: Insuring Children with Down Syndrome and Other Uninsurable Conditions 

April 13th: A New Annuity Resource! 

April 14th: AIG with Nicole Percy! 

April 19th- An Update on Compliance

April 20th: Adding a Discounted Term to an IUL! 

April 21st: More on Annuity Rate Watch- How to Register! 

April 26th: Living Benefits and AIG's Unique QoL Term 

April 27th: How to Have a Tax Diversification Conversation along with AIG's QoL Max Accumulator

April 28th: QoL Value Plus Protector product and design

May 3rd: how our conversation went with a 50 man group on a tax advantaged savings plan went

May 4th: The Magic of an IUL with a Small Business

May 5th:  Balanced Asset 5 in the F&G Accelerated Plus

Balanced Asset 10 Index™ (

FG May Annuity Rates-WEB

May 10th: RPG Carriers and How They Shine 

May Webcasts

AIG VPP update

FB1044 04-21 Field Bulletin Underwriting Updates


May 17th:

May 18th: Now Let's Run The Illustration! 

May 19th: The Legacy Book. 

June 2nd: Pursell Farms Recap

June 3rd: Pick Your Topic! 

June 4th: Policy Reviews

June 7th: The Three Magic Bullets of an IUL

June 8th: Why IULs

June 9th: An In Depth Review of the Protection Plan Book

June 14th: Becoming the Rock Star in Your Hometown. Setting The Stage! 

June 15th: How to Write Your RockStar Book! 

June 16th: Marketing Pieces for Your Business!

June 21st: Some Exciting New CAB Illustrations! 

June 28th: Updated Key Man Concept!

June 29th: Hot Ideas to Fuel Your Summer Pipeline

July 6th:

July 14th: Agency Rocket

July 26th-28th: No C&C During This Time

AUG 24th: Global Atlantic Underwriting Advantage

Aug 25th: No C&C

Aug 30th: CAB booklet changes and CAB Road Maps!

Aug 31st: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Sept. 1st:  Global Foundation Elite products using 1035's

Sept. 7th: WHAT to say on your Protection Plan/ 401k 

Sep. 13th:

Sep. 14th: Nicole Percy with AIG Annuities

Sep. 15th:

Sep. 20th  IUL and the benefits of 7702

Sep. 21st:  F&G Annuities


adv2317 fg annuity rate package 21-1038 20210830_1proof (1)

Sep. 22nd: Child Asset Builder

Sep. 27th Illustrations Request Forms to Illustrations

Sept. 28th: Women's Life

Sept. 29th: Protection Plan Round Table

Oct 4th: CAB

Oct 5th: F&G Power Accumulator Review! 

Oct 6th: 401k's  and Protection Plans - Coffee and Doughnuts.

Oct. 11th: Basics of Life Insurance and Annuities

Oct. 12th: Basics of Life Insurance and annuities featuring 7702 and index Universal Life


Oct. 13th: knowing your expenses and how to have a conversation about it

Oct. 25th

Oct. 27th- Round Table Discuss with Amanda Sargent

Nov. 2nd Holiday Incentives from Carriers!

Bestow Incentive


Nov. 3rd- F&G Suitability Review


ADMIN5766 Replacement Comparison Form 20190412

ADMIN54631 Suitability

Nov. 8th:  "The System"! 

Nov. 9th: Comparing Various Carriers and Plans! 

Nov. 10th:  The Protection Plan

Nov. 15th: TOP guaranteed income annuities-Forethought's 150+


Nov. 17th- AIG and How They Shine With Marketing! 

Nov. 18th- 401Ks and ANICO's Pension Site! 

Dec:20th F&G Annuities

Dec. 21st- Tax Saving Ideas!