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2020 Coffee and Conversation Recordings

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March and April Recordings

March 23th

March 24th -

March 25th-The Cap history with F&G- Tips for agents on navigating the new normal

March 26th-Protection Plan Virtually continued...

March 27th-Protection Plan Virtually continued...

March 30th-Global Atlantic's Term Exchange Program and scripts

March 31st-Virtual Protection Plan employee meeting

April 1st-The CARES Act

April 2nd-Protection Plan One on One using the roadmap and fillable forms

April 3rd- Featuring Shawn Dugan

April 6th- Featuring Lina Storm and Randy Zipse

April 7th-PP numbers band, PP fillable forms, and questions on the CARES act

April 8th-

April 9th- The Importance of Constant Contact, Featuring Jim Rasberry

April 10th- Social Intel 

April 13th -Using AIG's website- Marketing material and content for Constant Contact

April 14th- CAB 

April 15th

April 16th- Annuities

April 17th- Forethought 

April 20th- UpStream, Women's Life, and More!

April 21st- Learning How to Use Social Intel Engines

April 21st- In Depth How To Use Social Intel

April 22nd- How To Use GoToMeeting

April 23rd- Key Employee example- Global Foundation Elite- Global Underwriting

April 24th- New Marketing with CAB

April 27th- Protection Plan Calculator 

April 28th- Creative Ideas

April 29th- Three Great Ideas and Breakfast

April 30th- RockStar Marketing

May 1st- RockStar Facebook Marketing

May 4th

May 5th-Legacy Program using the Global Foundation Elite

May 6th-RPG Primary carrier website overview and RPG's Product/Carrier Matrix

May 7th-

May 8th -Email example for No Paramed and ANICO ART-  Overview of express UW

May 11th-ANICO ART and using social intel for employers

May 12th-  Social Intel

May 13th-Social Intel- Business Owners

May14th-Social Intel 

May 18th Social Intel

May 19th

May 20th- American National With Brooke Malley

May 21st- More Social Intel

May 22nd- Using Income and Accumulation in Annuities featuring the Accelerator 14

May 26th

May 27th

June 1st- Protection Plan Parties. The cost, the process and the invitations email

June 2nd- The 10 Percent Rule session 1

June 3rd- Life Insurance thoughts

June 8th- RockStar Facebook Marketing Featuring: Johnny Dwinell

June 9th -F&G Pathsetter- historical numbers

June 10th- F&G Pathsetter with Term Rider concept

June 15th -  Foundation Elite child's retirement/ insurance on parent concept

June 16th-  Legacy Program

June 22nd- Social Intel With THE Sam Richter

June 23rd- Discussing Ben Feldman

June 24th- Barclays Trailblazer Sector 5 Index- Explanation

June 29th- Global Atlantic Foundation Elite

June 30th- F&G illustrations and reports

July 1st

July 6th

July 7th

July 8th

July 10th- Social Intel 

July 13th-CAB basics. Illustrations, marketing, and opportunities!

July 14th CAB basics. Illustrations, marketing, and opportunities!

July 20th:  Single Premium Life

July 21st:  Single Premium Life Cont. 

July 22nd: Premium Finance

July 27th-

Aug 3rd

Aug 4th- Women's Life 

Aug 5th- F&G Suitability

Aug 11th- Meet our New Carrier, Bestow!

Aug 12th- F&G Pathsetter IUL with Term Rider.

Aug 13th- ANICO-  Plan comparisons and opportunities within their pension dept

Aug 17th- Did Not Meet

Aug 18th- Employer Survey for Most Important Benefits

 Aug 19th-Asset Allocation and Investment Options and performance for ANICO 401k

Aug. 24th- Life Insurance Inside Profit Sharing Plans

Aug. 31st-  How to setup a 401K Plan with Life Insurance

Sept. 1st

Sept. 2nd- Protection Plan + Coffee and Donuts! 

Sept. 8th- PP employer meeting scripts and headlines

Sept. 9th- Randy Zipse

Sept. 14th- LEGACY Program and Gifting

Sept. 15th- Did Not Meet

Sept. 16th- Bestow with Guest Speaker: Matt Salge

Sept. 17th- Special Social Intel Session

Sept. 21st  life Insurance inside a profit sharing plan

Sept. 22nd- Life Insurance Inside a Profit Sharing Plan Day 2

Sept. 23rd- The Marketing of You!

Sept. 28th- Protection Plan Part 1

Sept. 29th- Protection Plan Part 2: How to Use the Protection Plan Calculator 

Sept. 30th- Protection Plan Part 3: Protection Plan Road Map

Oct. 5th- The little things- ANICO GUL, Woman's Life Flex Annutiy, and AIG's discounted term

Oct. 6th

Oct. 7th- The Marketing of The Protection Plan

Oct. 12th- The RPG Website in Review

Oct. 13th- New Opportunities with GAIN

Oct. 14th- More Benefit Tips and Success Stories! 

Oct. 19th ROTH Provision inside a 401k Plan

Oct. 20th- Life Insurance Review

Oct. 21st- Adoption Agreement Review

Oct. 23- Social Intel Review

Oct. 26th-28th- Did not meet

Nov. 2nd- The Rules and Laws of life Insurance

Nov. 3rd- Special Guest Philip Resch with AIG Partners Group

Nov. 4th- Historical Performance Summary 

Nov. 9th- Term Insurance With Bestow, Protective, AIG, ANICO

Nov. 10th

Nov. 11th

Nov. 16th- The Importance of Virtual Meetings

Nov. 17th- American National

Nov. 18th- Global Atlantic Updates

Nov. 30th- NEW AG49 Illustrations 

Dec. 1st- American National's IUL Illustration With an AG49 Format and CAB.

Dec. 2nd- Annuity Strategies 

Dec. 3rd- Special Protection Plan Training 

Dec. 7th- Single Premium Life

Dec. 8th- Why would a ROTH not be a better alternative than an IUL

Dec. 9th- Cooperate Carve Out

Dec. 10th- Protection Plan Q&A

Dec. 14th- A Look into an IUL and AG49a rates

Dec. 21st. - The Gift of Life and Term Options

Dec. 22nd- 2020 Wrap Up! 

Documents Discussed in our Daily Webinars

Master Protection Plan Email Script

Master Protection Plan Phone Script

Master Protection Plan Virtual Meeting-Employer

RPG 401K Numbers Slide

Fillable 401K Page

PRG Protection Plan Numbers

Fillable Protection Plan Numbers

Emergency Loan 

Stop Paying Premiums

Documents Discussed on 4/6/2020 & 4/7/2020 Webinar

Guaranteed Term Exchange Program

GA Additional Insurance Program Flyer

Global Cover Letter

The Value of Constant Contact 4/8/2020

Sign up for FREE Here!

Tutorial Videos on Using Constant Contact

The Child Asset Builder 4/13/2020

CAB Booklet PDF

CAB Road Map

CAB Illustration Request FormCAB Booklet Rates

CAB Booklet Rates

CAB Booklet Check List

  1. RPG juvenile guidelines from F&G.
  2. IUL in Volatile Markets: Rick Management tool in retirement quick concept one sheet from Global Atlantic. We will dive into this on the call in the morning.
  3. Here's Amber;s my calendar link if you'd like to schedule some time to go through illustrations. https://calendly.com/amber-hayes/30min

Documents from 4/15/2020

Here's a few follow-up items from the webinar this morning:

  1. Illustrations that Danny covered are attached for you to review Jeff Bates 1 Jeff Bates 2 Mary Bates 1 Mary Bates 2
  2. CAB Road Map
  3. F&G's Living Benefit Riders-In a nutshell, per F&G’s guidelines, for Chronic, It’s 25% per year up until either 100% of the DB or lifetime max of $1m.  Also covers cognitive impairment (personally, this one is what I find most important these days due PI longevity.)

Documents and Notes from 4/17/2020- Forethought Annuities 

To get appointed with Forethought, click here or call Sarah at our home office. 

How To Use GoToMeeting

YouTube Tutorials for GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting User Guide for Windows

Get Your FREE 14 Day Trial

Digital Version of CAB Booklets Now Available!

Digital CAB Booklet Rate

CAB Booklet Check List

Three Great Ideas Check List!

Download Here

Social Intel Scripts

Social Intel Script for Danny Cordell

Social Intel Script for Danny Cordell.2

Susan Dubaz Sample Email Script

AJ and Amanda Halloway Sample Email Script

Documents Shared 6/2/2020

Honey Do 10%

John Brown 40

\The Importance of Saving

Pay Yourself First

Jan Brown 25

Documents Shared 6/3/2020

Life Insurance Thoughts

Documents Share 6/9/2020

59 Year Old PNS

Billy Joe Thomas Example

Documents Shared 6/10/2020

johnny unitas 35 pns 1000 mn 650000

Johnny Unitas 35 year old ANICO Flex annuity life income 12000 year

Johnny Unitas 35 year old ANICO Flex annuity life income 12000 year

Documents Shared 6/15/2020

Foundation Elite Script for Child

Foundation Elite Training mnthly cost

Foundation Elite Script for Child

Documents Shared 6/16/2020

Legacy Program

Documents Shared 6/29/2020

Mark Lindsay Global Foundation Elite 35 Pennies On The Dollar

Mark Lindsay Global Lifetime Builder

Documents Shared 7/14/2020

Would You Do It

Documents Shared 7/20/2020

Annie Adams 64 PNS FG 500000 1035

Annie Adams 64 PNS FG 500000

Annie Adams 64 PNS Global 500000 DB

Documents Shared: 8/3/2020

UpStream Credit Rates

Documents Shared: 8/4/2020

Women's Life

Documents Shared: 8/12/2020

ANICO- Plan comparisons and opportunities within their pension dept

Documents Shared: 

 Aug 19th-Asset Allocation and Investment Options and performance for ANICO 401k

WQIII NR GUVA July 20 wo Expense

10740 Asset Allocation & Investment Options_05.20

Aug 24th

C&C Monday Powerpoint

John Consultant ANICO 500000

John Consultant FG age 60


workplace benefit survey 1

workplace benefit survey 2

ANICO Profit Sharing Plan Overview

ANICO investment options


ANICO Tax Credit

Documents Shared: 9/8/2020

Protection Plan Meeting with Employer

Protection Plan Agreement

Headliners 1 401k

Documents Shared: 9/15/2020

legacy foundation 65 pns f 15000 for 5

legacy foundation 65 pns f 15000 for 10

legacy foundation 65 for pns f 15000 for 15

Legacy Foundation 55 pns f 15000 for 15

Legacy Foundation 55 pns f 15000 for 5

Legacy Foundation 55 pns f 15000 for 10

Documents Shared 9/16/2020

Bestow Demo

Documents Shared 9/21/2020

Life Insurance Inside a Profit Sharing Plan

Documents Shared 9/22/2020

The Secure Act

Plan Limits

Document's Shared 9/28/2020

Gonna Retire FG 214 mn

Gonna Retire FG 214 for 2 and then 1400

Gonna Retire FG 214 mn 1000000

Gonna Retire FG 1377 1000000

Documents Shared 9/29/2020

Do-nuts and Coffee email tax credits

ANICO Proposal Information

Documents Shared 9/30/2020

F&G List Bill Instructions

F&G List Bill Number Form

Updated Navigator

Documents Shared 10/7/2020

workplace benefit survey

RPG's Protection Plan Video

Documents Shared: 10/20/2020

Life Insurance Review Booklet


Documents Shared: 10/21/2020

Adoption Agreement

Documents Shared: 11/2/2020

Ima Goodone 60 pns 500000 (1)

Script for 10 year Accumulation (1)

Documents Shared: 11/3/2020

9.28 UW Update

Term Conversion with AAS bulletin

Documents Shared: 11/4/2020

Monty wants to understand arbitrage better and asks for you to explain it

Barclays Trailblazer Sector Five arbitrage

Documents Shared: 11/9/2020

Bestow Field UW Guide

Bestow Agent Handbook - July 2020

Contracting with Bestow

Documents Shared: 12/2/2020

Accel product info


Martha May FG

Martha May Forethought 150+SE

brokerage annuity interest rates wa_december2020


Documents Shared: Protection Plan Training

Employer Presentation

Employee Presentation

Tax Credits