Coffee & Conversation

Each week, we come together as a team to discuss the ever-changing world we are currently living in.

On Tuesday & Wednesday, beginning at 9:00 AM CST we will join together to go over new ways for you to conduct your business. Not only that, but we are bringing you new ways and ideas that our carriers have implemented as we move forward during these disheartening times.  You do not want to miss these daily meetings!

Glad to see you. Hope you'll join us!

Recordings & Documents


1/3/2022Happy New Year! New Ideas and Opportunities for 2022
1/4/2022Life Leaders for 2021
1/5/2022Annuity Leaders for 2021
1/24/2022New Limits Across the Board
1/25/2022Jack Rabbit Seminar
1/26/2022Social Intel With Sam Richter!
2/2/2022AIG With Phil ReschAU Plus Term Bulletin
AU Plus and Term Presentation
Life Interest Rates 2.12.22
2022 QoL Bonus
2/8/2022Case Design and Illustrations
2/9/2022Case Design and Illustrations
2/14/2022Power Producer Program
2/15/2022Annuity Rate Watch
2/16/2022Global Atlantic’s brand-NEW marketing website
2/21/2022Exciting News!
2/28/2022Women’s Life
3/1/2022How you should NOT Take Qualified Money And Purchase Life Insurance
3/2/2022American National with Special Guest Brooke Malley
3/15/2022Spring Forward in Your Business!
4/11/2022F & G Accel 10 and 14
4/12/2022Marketing with the Protection Plan
4/27/2022Amber Brings The Basics!
5/9/2022Taking Advantage of 401K Follow Ups
5/23/2022Protection Plan marketing opportunity
5/24/2022Updates from our Carriers
6/1/2022An Update from RPG!
6/7/2022Expenses Inside Indexed Universal Life
6/13/2022In Depth Protection Plan Training Session 1
6/14/2022In Depth Protection Plan Training Session 2
6/20/2022SINGLE PREMIUM, 1035’s, MEC’s, Prospecting, Marketing and MORE
6/22/2022Real Life Cases from this Week!
6/27/2022Latest Global Atlantic Updates
6/28/2022Using the CAB in your seminars.
6/29/2022Nicole Percy from AIG!
7/11/2022Review of the first half of 2022!
7/18/2022Agency Rocket with Sean Meenan
10/5/2022C&C Popup with Forethought!
10/17/2022New Marketing System ExplainedTerm Script
10/18/2022Charitable Giving To Colleges and Universities
IMA 40
IMA 50
IMA 60
IMA 70
Script on Charitable Giving
10/19/2022Financial Seminar
Handwritten Note
10/24/2022“The Protection Plan Revisited”
10/25/2022Critical Illness riders inside Life Insurance.
10/26/2022Sheldon Lamb from Forethought joining us to discuss Forecare
10/31/2022Latest MYGA rates
11/2/2022Protective with Dan Hudgens
11/8/2022Non-med term option with built-in living benefits
11/9/2022F&G annuity marketing resources
11/21/2022One more bullet
12/5/2022Alex Voloshen of Corebridge, formerly AIG
12/6/2022Social Intel with Sam Richter
12/29/2022Secure Act 2.0
Major Provisions In The New Secure Act 2.0.
C&C 12/29