Navigating Covid-19 with RPG

Now More Than Ever, We Are Here For You.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen several major stories in the news.  It can be utterly exhausting, and possibly frightening to say the least.

This probably leaves you thinking...How will this all effect me? How will this effect my clients? What can I do during a time like this?

That's where we step in!  Let us be a resource for you during this time.  Not only as you continue to do business, but as you take your business to the next leve!

We are all in this together!  

Need A Disaster Loan Application? 

Thank you!

How To Connect During Social Distancing:

Every day, our carriers are bringing new and inventive ways to keep you in front of your client during this time. 



Stay tuned for Covid-19 Resources from Covid 19. 


GoToMeeting is one of many virtual meeting platforms that you can use to make virtual sales. 

This is the same platform that we use day to day for our virtual meetings and webinars! 

When using a digital platform to make sales, check out some of these helpful tips provided by GoToMeeting. 
We know that the audio is the crux of a successful meeting. Below are 5 best Practices for a great audio experience in GoToMeeting.

Tips to Improve Your Audio Experience

Tips on Working From Home

As independent agents, you probably already work from home. However, now with many carriers allowing virtual sales, it wouldn't hurt to brush

up on some etiquette when it comes to working from home. 


Custom Branding

During these uncertain times,  you have the grand opportunity of "virtually" getting in front

of your clients. Don't let social distancing keep you from doing what you do best! 

Did you know that our team and create custom graphics and branding for your business geared towards

the current times we are in? If you are interested in branding your business let us know today!

In the mean time, check out some graphics we can customize today with your logo!

Life Happens Virtual Success Toolkit

Social Media During Social Distancing

If you have been with us for a minute, you know Life Happens has some incredible videos. 

Videos we believe in, and videos that we use when it comes to selling business!

Life Happens has compiled some great graphics for you to use on your social media sites, emails, and website!

Take some time to read through these helpful tips. It can truly take your "virtual" business to the next level!