Legacy Seminar

RPG’s Proprietary Seminar System

A new approach to seminars…an open forum with a comprehensive approach.

What we provide!

  • List- (high-net-worth demographic)
  • Branded Letter designed with QR code & registration information
  • 1250 mailers (letters and mini billboard) addressed and mailed to your list
  • Branded landing page for registration
  • 10-12 attendees per seminar

What we need from you!

  • logos, headshots, and titles for you and your professionals
  • Your date and location


$1500 per seminar (does not include seminar meal)

Plug & Play Marketing Concept

Small Business Market

Highlighting tax credits that are available to small business owners.

Mixing traditional marketing with modern marketing.

  • “The Bold Approach Book”
  • Webinar landing page integrated with automated email marketing
  • Direct mail marketing directed to your webinar landing page
  • Automated and integrated email marketing with ready-made video content and copy- over 50 touches!
  • Business Owner list
  • Scripts and materials to assist with your campaign
  • On-demand training on the system, products, and example case design


For the Medicare supplement salesperson who wants more opportunities, we will OPEN UP YOUR WORLD with ELDERCARE while you keep your current Medicare supplement relationship!

What I know is that there are thousands of professionals like you who make a good living.

Why don’t we make a GREAT living?

It’s sometimes hard to go from that market to my passion, Indexed Universal Life.

Why not do what you do better than anyone else and increase that greatness by offering ElderCare strategies?

  • Transitioning to Annuity Conversations
  • Child Asset Builder and Legacy Conversations with Ready-made Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Sales and Product Training

VIP Access